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Our doctors are foot and ankle experts. They are skilled, highly recognized, and available to see you.Book your appointment now and begin a relationship that will prove worthwhile every step of the way.

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  Near Mesquite, TX 75126

Relief Institute orthopedic doctors see people with a variety of conditions that affect the muscles, nerves, bones, joints, and connective tissues. Conditions, such as arthritis, bursitis, and osteoporosis can cause pain and dysfunction that can be truly debilitating.

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  Near Rockwall, TX 75087

No matter what your injury involves, there’s a good chance a Relief Institute orthopedic specialist can help.

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  Near Keller, TX 76262

Will lead to improved function and mobility, reduced pain. Let Relief Institute improved your quality of life.

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  Near Grand Prairie, TX 76155

Orthopedic surgeons can repair broken bones and injuries to muscles and tendons, among other things and help improve function and reduce or eliminate pain.

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  Near Grand Prairie, TX 76063

Broken bones, compression fractures, stress fractures, dislocations, muscle injury, and tendon tears or ruptures are common reasons people visit orthopedic doctors

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  Near Grand Prairie, TX 75104

Whether your pain is dull or sharp, chronic or acute, an orthopedic doctor may be able to help.

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  Near Grand Prairie, TX 75052

Pain is one of the most common reasons people visit orthopedic doctors. These doctors specialize in the entire musculoskeletal system, understanding the various types of joints and how they work.

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  Near Grand Prairie, TX 75051

Solomon H. Chaim, M.D. is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery specializing in the surgery of the foot and ankle.

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  Near Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Lateral foot pain is pain that runs along the outer side of the foot and ankle. Lateral foot pain can make it difficult for people to move around or even stand.

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  Near Fort Worth, TX 76262

Cervical stenosis occurs when the spinal canal narrows and compresses the spinal cord and is most frequently caused by aging. The discs in the spine that separate and cushion vertebrae may dry out.

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