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A bone injury can affect the foot’s shape, balance, or function. When a foot is fractured is usually painful and swollen. The location of the fracture will determine the course of treatment. Many foot fractures do not require surgery or even a cast, as they will heal independently with some support. It is essential to see a doctor whenever you think you may have broken a bone in your foot. Please go immediately to an emergency department. For less severe injuries, your doctor may want to see you in the office or recommend you visit the emergency room. If you think you have broken your foot and your doctor is not available by phone, it is reasonable to go to the emergency department to be examined.

At The Relief Institute, we are dedicated to helping our patients find the best foot and ankle doctors in Tarrant County. We understand the importance of finding the proper treatment for your foot and ankle conditions that can hinder your life. Contact The Relief Institute in Tarrant County today to get started!

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Work Performed Below are projects we have completed for clients and the cities they were in along with client reviews.

  Near Tamarack Dr, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

The Relief Institute in Grand Prairie connects patients to a highly trained orthopedic surgeon. We believe in personalized attention that leads to the best outcome for our patients.

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  Near Pamplona, Grand Prairie, TX 75054

Do you have a pea size bump on your foot that causes pain? Contact The Relief Institute in Grand Prairie today to learn more about ganglion cyst treatment options.

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  Near King Richard Dr, Grand Prairie, TX 75050

If you have difficulty lifting the front part of the foot, you may experience foot drop. Call the foot and ankle experts at The Relief Institute in Grand Prairie!

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  Near De Lollis Dr, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

We not only treat our patients with respect, but our goal is to provide our patients with upfront knowledge and treatment options regarding their condition. Contact The Relief Institute in Grand Prairie today!

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  Near Linkhill, Aledo, TX 76008

Should you call an ankle doctor if you have chronic foot pain or ankle pain. Don't ignore the pain; find relief today with The Relief Institute in Aledo.

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  Near Snow Creek, Aledo, TX 76008

At The Relief Institute in Aledo, we know it's not enough to say we feel your pain. Schedule an appointment now with the best orthopedic surgeon.

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  Near Bella Flora, Fort Worth, TX 76126

Contact The Relief Institute in Fort Worth to get started with a ankle specialist for your unwanted foot or ankle pain today. Call NOW

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  Near Northview, Aledo, TX 76008

The Relief Institute in Aledo offers care for multiple ankle pain conditions. Please don't wait and schedule an appointment today with The Relief Institute in Aledo DFW.

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  Near Ferndale, Aledo, TX 76008

A bunion is a condition where the foot has a very high arch that can create pain and instability. However, if you continuously experience unwanted foot pain, call The Relief Institute in Aledo today to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.

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  Near Fair Ridge, Aledo, TX 76008

Please don't live in pain anymore-Schedule an appointment with The Relief Institute in Aledo today! We are experts in treating foot and ankle pain throughout the DFW area.

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