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  Near Grand Prairie, TX 76155

Orthopedic surgeons can repair broken bones and injuries to muscles and tendons, among other things and help improve function and reduce or eliminate pain.

Sam G.
  Near Grand Prairie, TX 76065

Athletes are at risk for shoulder dislocation. And once they’ve experienced one dislocation, they’re at higher risk for future dislocations. Therapy may be able to help prevent future dislocations.

Sam G.
  Near Grand Prairie, TX 76063

Broken bones, compression fractures, stress fractures, dislocations, muscle injury, and tendon tears or ruptures are common reasons people visit orthopedic doctors

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  Near Grand Prairie, TX 76040

Athletes will often work with orthopedists to help prevent future injury and optimize performance.

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  Near Grand Prairie, TX 76018

Orthopedic specialists can talk with you to diagnose the cause of your symptoms and come up with a treatment plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

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  Near Grand Prairie, TX 76010

Range of motion, stiffness, and other symptoms that are annoying but not necessarily getting in the way of their lives. Let Relief Institute helps you get rid of that problem.

Sam G.
  Near Grand Prairie, TX 76006

Many people are willing to just tough it out, so to speak, and live with pain. The Relief Institute has a expert orthopedic that can remove the pain.

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  Near Grand Prairie, TX 76002

Increasing range of motion can often be accomplished through physical therapy, non-surgical treatment, and sometimes surgery. Visit The Relief Institute for more concerns.

Sam G.
  Near Grand Prairie, TX 75249

It can be difficult or painful to perform everyday tasks such as carrying things, taking care of yourself and even walking. Orthopedic specialists can work with you to increase range of motion and help you get back to normal.

Sam G.
  Near Grand Prairie, TX 75212

Pain, swelling, injury, and joint stiffness can all lead to limited range of motion. And when your range of motion is limited.

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