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Posted Near , Celina, TX 75009

Our specialty-trained doctors are dedicated experts, providing specialized foot and ankle care to patients in Celina.

Posted Near , Plano, TX 75074

Performing an MTP Fusion procedure, which involves fusing (or ‘soldering’) the great toe joint (first MTP joint) together.

Posted Near , Plano, TX 75075

A blister is a small pocket of body fluid (lymph, serum, plasma, blood, or pus) within the upper layers of your skin, typically caused by forceful rubbing (friction), burning, freezing, chemical exposure or infection.

Posted Near , Allen, TX 75013

Performing a flat foot reconstruction for our patient from Allen.

Posted Near , McKinney, TX 75070

Fixing a Heel Bone Fracture for our client from McKinney, TX.

Posted Near , Plano, TX 75023

Bunions often occur when the joint is stressed over a period of time. Treating a patient with severe bunion case from Plano, TX.

Posted Near , Plano, TX 75025

Performed a Lapidus procedure for our patient in Plano, suffering from severe instability of the first ray.

Posted Near , Prosper, TX 75078

Foot deformities are a group of congenital and acquired conditions involving structural abnormalities that may affect the bones, tendons, and muscles of your foot.

Posted Near , Plano, TX 75093

Cramps occur when the muscles of your calf or foot suddenly become hard, tight, and painful. It is caused by muscle spasms which are involuntary contractions of one or more muscles.

Posted Near , Frisco, TX 75035

Helping our patient from Frisco, Texas, return to normal activities after our wound care treatment.

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